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We are the warehouse workers and truck drivers who make sure that when you and your family go to the movies, you have plenty of popcorn and candy to snack on. For over a month, we were ON STRIKE against our employer, Colorado-based Vistar Corporation. Why? We are fighting to end discrimination and the company’s other illegal actions. 

“I make $12.29/hour as a selector at Vistar, $9/hour less than my male coworkers. After 15 years, I have had enough. Vistar broke the law and now we’ve been on strike for a month. My coworkers and I will not quit until our rights are respected,” declared Vistar employee Becky Hernandez on the picket line.

Here’s how you can support Justice at Vistar: 

1) Share your support for #JusticeAtVistar on social media!

On Facebook: Go to Teamsters Local 630’s Facebook page  (@Teamsters630) and share the pinned post at the top of the page!
On Instagram: Visit Teamster Local 630’s profile at @teamsterslocal630 and repost the ‘I Support JusticeAtVistar’ post!

Ladies: print the Coupon and ask for a discount at the concession stand!
Take the coupon to the concession stand and when it’s time pay, say: “Your food supplier thinks women are worth less than men, so I’d like to pay less for my popcorn!” Then hand the cashier the coupon and smile. Encourage them to call Vistar at the number on the coupon.

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Thank you for your support!